Author: Denny Autrey

Dr. Autrey is the Dean of the J. Dalton Havard School for Theological Studies (Houston) and is a Professor of Pastoral Ministries in the School of Theology. He is married to Angela and has three daughters - Amber, Julie, and Haley. Twitter: @DennySwbt

Honor the Lord, Remember the Vet

Words are significant to the expression of language in the art of communication, just as dates are significant to the cycle of one’s life. Each year, some days are more important in meaning than others. We remember our birthday; hopefully, our wedding annive... Read More »

By The Way, What Time Is It, Anyway?

Have you ever been misunderstood, misrepresented or misquoted in ministry? If you have been involved in ministry for any length of time, the answer is an emphatic YES! Be encouraged: your service in ministry reflects the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ. He wa... Read More »

Is Extending An Invitation Really Relevant For Today?

The contemporary pulpit of the 21st century has become silent. Not in regard to story-telling, pithy sayings, anecdotes and illustrative pictures of everyday life, but with regard to any concrete explanation of the text of Scripture. In some cases, the use of ... Read More »