Author: Madison Grace

Dr. Grace is an Assistant Professor of Baptist History and Theology in the School of Theology. He is also editor of the Southwestern Journal of Theology. He is married to Shareen and has three boys - William, Tyler, and Harrison. He and his family are members of First Baptist Church Burleson, Texas. Follow him on Twitter: @wmgrace

Advent: Waiting, Remembering, Rejoicing

It is that time of year again, or, as we sing along, “the most wonderful time of the year.” The so-called Holiday Season is a joyous time for many people, as it is for me and my family. The ability to travel and rekindle relationships with family and frien... Read More »

I Would Never Trade My Rookie Season

My entrance into full-time ministry came later than I had planned. After college came seminary and then my doctoral studies, and in the midst of all of that schooling, I was married and had two children. It seemed as if my career plans and school were one and ... Read More »

Concerning Labels: Why Labels Matter

A few weeks ago, another semester began here at Southwestern Seminary, and I began another course on Baptist Heritage, a class in which the people, places and ideas of the Baptist movement are discussed. On the first day of class, I ran through the usual first... Read More »