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The Evangelistic Seminary

And he said unto them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Matthew 4:19 Christianity is perhaps best described as a twofold following after the Lord Jesus Christ. On the one hand, Jesus’ first and foremost rallying cry was, ̶... Read More »

3 Areas of Agreement Necessary for Christian Cooperation

A story is told of an Amish farmer who had a difficult time with a cow. She would step in the bucket or slap the farmer with her tail when he tried to milk her. After several attempts to remedy the situation the farmer decided to speak to the cow. He said, “... Read More »

Singing for Joy and the Gospel of Peace: Why Reach the Unreached?

At night, I often find myself singing for joy. My daughter, Lindsey Joy, frightened by the dark or a dream, will call out for me, and I will come to her room, and I will sing for her. I will sing for Lindsey Joy. And there in the darkness, with the singing com... Read More »

Why a National Denomination? 200 years of Taking Gospel Light to the Nations

In my Baptist History and Heritage classes, I am often asked whether denominations really are necessary. Students, averse to what they perceive as staid institutionalism or red-tape bureaucracy, want to categorize denominations as a generational matter and thu... Read More »

Create a Culture of Everyday Evangelism in Your Church

What if every member of your church made evangelism a regular practice in his or her daily routine? Imagine the impact this would have on your church and community. Sadly, though, what should be a natural part of the Christian life is often neglected or passed... Read More »

Resident Aliens, Secret Church, and Witches in the Wardrobe

A witch, a lion, a wardrobe closet, or leaders of a nationwide network of secret churches throughout China? I walked through the back of a closet built into a wall in a remote rural Chinese farmhouse wondering which it would end up being—it certainly was not... Read More »

Noah and Gnosticism

The recent film “Noah” has garnered attention and criticism. I have especially followed with interest the secondary conversation between the promoters and critics of the movie. For instance, in a recent movie review, Dr. Brian Mattson describes “Noah” ... Read More »

Patterson answers questions on his high school GPA, new Calvinism, and more

From his high school GPA to thoughts on New Calvinism, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary President Paige Patterson answered more than 80 questions related to theology, ministry, and personal history during a rapid-fire Q&A session, March 27.... Read More »

Frightened Faces and Mighty Fortresses: Mission in Violent Contexts

Faces, faces, and more urgent faces were lost and haunting. In 1988, El Salvador was suffering from a deadly, drastic civil war with FMLN communist guerrillas.... Read More »

China and the Conservative Resurgence

Last Week, I returned from 10 days in China meeting some profound workers for the Gospel in some very difficult places. The whole experience reminds me of IHOP in 2004.... Read More »