Learning Humility through Church History, The Work of God in History

Editor’s Note: This article is part of a series on “Learning Humility through Church History” by Jason Duesing, vice president for strategic initiatives and assistant professor of historical theology at Southwestern Seminary. To read other articles in this series, click here.

While not everyone called of God is able to attend college or seminary, I am thankful that colleges and seminaries exist and even now many are studying the work of God in the history of the churches for the first time.

If their experience resembles mine in any way, they will soon come to know the true value of the study of the history of Christianity. And indeed, as we have seen, the study of the history of Christianity provides us with valuable lessons for a life of gospel ministry, lessons such as:

1. Rejecting Self-Reliance

2. Confessing Ignorance

3. A Proper Perspective on One’s Place

4. A Proper Perspective on One’s Trials

5. Eliminating Naiveté

6. A Desire to Serve the Churches

7. A Humble Stand for Truth