Easter and Family Tradition: More than Eggs, Bunnies & Candy

How would your child respond to the following question, “What is the most important holy day celebrated by Christians?” A lot of children would say “Christmas!” Christian adults would answer differently. Most Christian adults would agree that Easter is the most significant holy day celebrated. Why? Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of our Savior.

Parents often struggle with the commercialism of this sacred holiday season. Easter eggs, bunnies and candy can easily grab a child’s attention. How can Christian parents refocus their children’s attention? Family traditions and activities create unforgettable memories in the lives and hearts of children and parents.

Step into the Bible (published in 2007) is an adaption of Ruth Graham’s book First Steps in the Bible. Graham’s book is a superb devotional guide for families. She highlights 100 Bible stories, uses open-ended questions encouraging family conversations, suggests memory verses and provides tools for parents to use with their children. Graham does an excellent job of unwrapping the story of the cross in short daily doses.

Celebrating Biblical Feasts in Your Home or Church by Martha Zimmerman is a book that aids Christians in understanding the Jewish Heritage. As Zimmerman states, “Matthew 1:1 reminds us that Jesus was Jewish. “ Her book explains Jewish traditions and celebrations. This a tool for parents, Sunday school teachers, ministers, and others interested in celebrating traditions like the Passover. After defining the Passover, she explains the traditions surrounding the celebration. Then, Zimmerman gives a list of needed supplies and instructions on how to celebrate the holiday season as Jesus did as a child. A wonderful family Easter tradition can include the Passover Seder!

Speaking of the Passover Seder, the local Target stores are currently selling a Passover Seder plate. This is a visual tool for children and families. It is colorful and attractive to the eye, with the elements of the meal listed. This plate is a great addition to a family’s Easter celebration.

Other Passover educational resources:

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Resurrection Eggs are another tool used in telling the story of Jesus’ journey to the cross, grave and resurrection. These eggs are memory-makers for the child who learns from hands-on activities. With the words from the parent and the props from the eggs, a child will learn the life-changing story of the resurrection.

My personal favorite activity that we experienced in our home involved the use of crayons and white paper. Our oldest child is an artist. (My son is 25 years old presently.) When he was in the first grade, we were drawing and coloring. I asked Jerrod to draw a picture of Easter. He drew a hill and three empty crosses. As a mom and parent I was thrilled at his interpretation of this sacred holy day because Jesus is no longer on the cross. Jerrod continued to draw this picture over and over. We had one of these pictures framed. It is hanging in our family room.

Easter is the most important time of the year for Christians. Children of all ages need to hear and understand the resurrection of our Savior. Family traditions and activities are an enjoyable way for children to learn about their Savior and His love for them.