How in the World Will We Reach the Antandroy?

In response to the IMB’s request to adopt an people group, Southwestern has selected the Antandroy of Madagascar. How will Southwestern engage the Antandroy? We’re glad you asked. In partnership with the International Mission Board (IMB), Southwestern is developing a multi-tiered approach to support the missionary endeavors currently in progress as well as to provide fresh “boots on the ground” to reach the Antandroy.

Ongoing Missionary Support

Southwestern students and faculty have committed to ongoing prayer support for the Antandroy and the mission work being done to reach them. Additionally, the seminary will stay in constant contact with the team in Madagascar to offer encouragement, training, and strategic planning.

Student Mission Trips

Southwestern’s World Missions Center has dedicated its winter and spring student mission trips each year to focus on the Antandroy. The first student group will travel to Madagascar this December, and the trip has already filled up.

Medical Trips

Southwestern is planning medical trips to connect Adam Hailes, the Antandroy, and the IMB’s new village medical outreach structure on the island. This will entail interfacing with a new IMB physician who is still in language study and connecting him with Dr. Richard Knight, the seminary’s on-campus clinic physician.

“Hands On” Program

Students in the College at Southwestern’s missions concentration earn course credit as they spend a semester abroad gaining “hands on” experience with missionaries in an international context. Southwestern will begin sending students in the Hands On program to help engage the Antandroy.

JumpStart 2+2

Graduates from the College at Southwestern who feel called to missions can spend two years on the mission field with the IMB, earning up to 24 hours of master’s-level credit before returning to Southwestern to complete their master’s degrees. Southwestern will have the opportunity to coordinate with the IMB to send these students to Madagascar to reach the Antandroy.

2+2 Program

In partnership with the IMB, Southwestern students can complete their first two years of master’s-level coursework on campus and complete their remaining coursework on the mission field. Adam Hailes, the Southwestern student assigned to the Antandroy, is part of this program and will continue his seminary training while engaging the Antandroy in Madagascar. Southwestern will also encourage students looking for an IMB field assignment to prayerfully consider joining the team in Madagascar.

Learn more about the Antandroy and Southwestern’s efforts to reach them with the Gospel in the summer issue of Southwestern News magazine.