What Child is This?


The word of questioning came nigh,

As heaven’s earthward lullaby,

Threatened those in positions high,

Who sought with fear of knowing.

What Child?

The infant moves involuntary;

While shepherds watching sedentary,

(From angel sightings momentary),

Kept all their fears from growing.

What Child is?

The great verb of condescension,

God from heaven in declension,

To a manger of no mention,

While the wise are seeking.

What Child is this?

This specific baby lay,

On a monotonous bed of hay:

A mother leans to in to pray,

For the world the Baby is seeking.


So, ask:

What?…Herod’s question of fear;

What Child?…The shepherd’s question of wonder;

What Child is?…The wise men’s question of worship;

What Child is This?…Mary’s question of mission.

Go ahead. Ask.  The God-Child can handle them.  Think about it,

A mother would normally pray for a baby as it encounters the world.  Mary would pray for the world as it encountered this baby.

What Child is this?

The Son was older than His mother and the same age as His Father.

What Child is this?

The sleep of millions was arrested by the One who would not rest in heaven, but came.

What Child is this?

The lowliest of all creatures was redeemed by the Greatest One when he became lowlier than they.

What Child is this?

The humiliation of the manger redeemed men from Adam’s pride.

What Child is this?

The angels announced a peace they would never experience; a reconciliation they did not need.

What Child is this?

The angels announced the entrance of the King, comforted the King, and removed the stone for the King, all to usher Him back to the right hand of the throne, where the King is now.

Yet, He was born a King.

What Child is this?