ENDA and The Superiority of Men

Congress is currently considering the Employment Non-Discrimination Act of 2013 (ENDA). For review of the issues see the helpful ERLC piece here. The bill would require employers to hire without consideration of an employees’ sexual orientation. The truth is that a person’s abilities may not be hindered by their sexual orientation. It is also true that no one should ever be discriminated against—for any reason. However, the reality is that this bill threatens the existence of businesses that desire to govern themselves in consistence with their religious convictions. In this way, it infringes upon the right to operate a company by conservative evangelical convictions.

The problems this bill poses to evangelical Christians are real. We can picture the implications of the government shutting down businesses because they may not support the modern ideology that sexuality, and gender identity, is preference. The federal government would then be policing the right of a person to practice his or her religion. In a twist my grandparents could never imagine, the government would move to punish those who see a distinction in gender.

This is the deeper issue.

The issue is more profound than homosexuality and the cultural war. It is deeper than politics. The issue is no less significant than what it means to be human. To be human is to have a gender. We have gender-neutral clothes and gender-neutral words, but there are no gender-neutral people. Everyone who has ever drawn a breath has been designated with either manhood or womanhood. For this reason, men are superior to women at being men, and women are superior to men at being women. The genders are to be celebrated for the very reason that they are as God-given as the very breath we breathe.

The worst part about homosexuality is that part of the gift of gender—inherent in creation—is forfeited. As this ground is conceded, it is replaced with the odd notion that gender is neutral.

As the rhetoric heats and policy-makers maneuver, please pray for our leaders and remember God gave gender when He gave life; thus, gender itself is imbedded in our personhood. For those of us who believe life is a gift from God, we also believe gender is a gift from God. I did not choose to be born, and I did not choose my gender. This is the deeper issue: the superiority of God over man; the superiority of God over women. As long as we feel the freedom to take a life, we will feel we have the freedom to take a gender. And yet God does not desire any one life to be taken nor any one gender to be taken. He has created women to celebrate their superiority over men at being women and men their superiority over women at being men.

Let’s pray that Congress will respect the superiority of God over man and woman.