Consummation, Adultery, and Second Honeymoon

My Beloved created me for the display of His glory through a relationship with me. He created me in love, He redeemed me in love, and He pursued me in love. Because He first loved me, I loved Him. Our relationship was consummated. He “knew” me the same way Adam “knew” Eve. For a time I was moving toward loving Him with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength. 

Early on, He introduced me to Blessings. He introduced me to Blessings (family, status, prosperity, etc.) as an expression of love toward me. Blessings was exciting and attractive.

Over time I spent less and less time abiding with Beloved. Self became my greater love. Not abiding left me plenty of time for daydreaming. My thoughts increasingly turned to Blessings. Finally, I acted on the temptation. I slipped around behind Beloved and started an affair with Blessings.

I had no interest in a divorce so I tried to keep up both relationships. I grudgingly gave money to Beloved, but I lavished gifts on my illicit lover. I served Beloved to keep up appearances, but it always felt like a duty. At the same time, making any sacrifice for my secret lover was a delight.

Mostly out of guilt, I tried to be amorous to my Beloved. But He saw through my deception and said my lukewarm love made Him sick to His stomach.

Increasingly, the affair began to resemble a handful of cotton candy. It appeared sweet, but when you squeezed your hand, there was nothing there. My emptiness grew.

Finally, the Spirit of my Beloved made the preaching and teaching of His Words come alive. Suddenly I could see my Beloved, not as our church mascot, but as the Monarch of the universe. As I knelt in awe of His power and majesty, I also got a new glimpse of the depth of His love for me. I celebrated the power of the gospel that had rescued me from a wretched life on earth and for eternity.

Now I could see the horror of my condition. As an expression of His infinite love, my glorious Beloved had introduced me to Blessings. Then, in order to satisfy Self, I gave my chief affections to the gifts rather than the Giver.

I went to my Beloved and confessed everything. I held back no detail of what I had done. He took me to the cross, where He had first redeemed me. Infinite grace flowing from His sacrifice washed away my adultery. He lifted me from the ground, looked deeply into my eyes, and said, “Neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more.”

Things were a bit awkward at first. But increasingly I feel as if my Beloved and I are starting on a second honeymoon. I am learning to be intimate all over again. Not only do I spend luxurious time enjoying and adoring Him in the early morning, but now I am chatting and abiding in Him all day long. He now is the one who makes my heart beat fast. He now receives my extravagant gifts. He now is the topic of conversation when I am with those who do not know Him as well as with those who do. In fact, my adoration of Him makes me long for His adoration among all peoples. Even dying for Him would be my highest honor. I am His and He is mine forever.