Preaching Tools: Exodus

This month, Oscar-winning director and producer Ridley Scott will bring his biblical epic Exodus: Gods and Kings, starring Christian Bale in the role of Moses, to the big screen. Certainly, the movie has sparked much discussion for many reasons, which brings the biblical account of Exodus to the attention for both Christians and non-Christians alike.

Many pastors will see this as a great opportunity to leverage such widespread interest by preaching a sermon series on part or all of the book of Exodus. To aid in sermon preparation, here’s a helpful excerpt on the book of Exodus from David Allen’s Preaching Tools: An Annotated Survey of Commentaries and Preaching Resources for Every Book of the Bible.

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Exegetical Commentaries

Durham, John. Exodus. WBC. Thomas Nelson, 1987.

Exegetical and helpful on theology. Tremper Longman cautions that you must watch Durham’s “casual attitude toward the history of Exodus.”

Hamilton, Victor P. Exodus: An Exegetical Commentary. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2011.

Excellent on exegesis and textual meaning. Not much focus on theology.

Murphy, James. A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Book of Exodus. Andover: Warren F. Draper/Boston: W. H. Halliday & Co., 1868. Klock & Klock reprint, 1976.

A 19th-century Irish Presbyterian, Murphy’s work is still valuable despite its age. Sometimes overly detailed on geographical issues.

Expository Commentaries

Brueggemann, Walter. Exodus. New Interpreter’s Bible Commentary. 1982.

Brueggemann is not a conservative, but he often has brilliant insight into the text.

Cole, R. Alan. Exodus. TOTC. IVP Academic, 2008.

Virtually all volumes in the TOTC are worth having. Brief, concise, but helpful treatment of Exodus for the expositor.

Enns, Peter. Exodus. NIVAC. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2000.

Covers the territory well exegetically, theologically, homiletically, and practically. Longman gives it 5 stars.

Stuart, Douglas K. Exodus. NAC. Nashville: Broadman & Holman, 2006.

An excellent expository volume that deals faithfully with the text from the pen of an evangelical Old Testament scholar.

Devotional Commentaries

Meyer, F. B. Devotional Commentary on Exodus. Grand Rapids: Kregel, 1978.

Leading British Baptist of the 19th century and contemporary of Spurgeon. Excellent application on the life of Moses.

Wagner, George. Practical Truths from Israel’s Wanderings. London: James Nisbet & Co., 1862.

Warren Wiersbe said this volume offers “rich veins of gold that others have ignored or neglected.”

Special Studies

Chappell, Clovis G. Ten Rules for Living. New York: Abingdon, 1938.

On the 10 Commandments. Chappell was an imminent Methodist preacher known for his many books of sermons on Bible characters.

Mohler, R. Albert. Words from the Fire: Hearing the Voice of God from the Ten Commandments. Chicago: Moody, 2009.

Excellent analysis with practical application. Connects the 10 Commandments with Christ and the New Testament well. Helpful for the preacher.

Morgan, G. Campbell. The Ten Commandments. Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 1999 reprint.

I think I own every work Morgan wrote. An outstanding expositor, Morgan was the pastor of Westminster Chapel in London until his death in 1944. This brief treatment is vintage Morgan.

Soltau, Henry W. The Tabernacle, The Priesthood, and the Offerings. Grand Rapids: Kregel, 1972.

A classic study with focus on practical application. Spurgeon called it “richly suggestive.”

________. The Holy Vessels and Furniture of the Tabernacle. Grand Rapids: Kregel, 1970.

Companion volume to The Tabernacle, Priesthood, and Offerings.

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