Top 5 Seminary Hill Press Books of 2018

Seminary Hill Press is the publishing arm of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, publishing books, pamphlets, tracts, and other Christian resources by the institution’s faculty and alumni. In 2018, the press produced multiple titles that would make great Christmas gifts for theologians and laypersons alike. Here are the year’s top five must-have books:

1. Mobilize to Evangelize: The Pastor and Effective Congregational Evangelism, by Matt Queen

Based on his own pastoral experience in the local church, Southwestern Seminary evangelism professor Matt Queen has written a practical guide for pastors who want to champion evangelism in their congregations. Mobilize to Evangelize provides pastors with tools they need to understand and to assess how evangelism is conceived, practiced, and perceived in their congregations. It offers realistic ideas they can implement to mobilize their congregations to evangelize. (Available here.)

2. Let the Text Talk: Preaching that Treats the Text on its Own Terms, by Kyle Walker

God desires His text to do the talking in your sermons. Are you willing to let the text talk? This volume aspires to show you how. It is a humble attempt to help preachers do their best to present themselves approved and unashamed as they handle the Word of God. (Available here.)

3. 31 Truths to Shape Your Youth Ministry, by Richard Ross

Designed to guide adults who value teenagers into a deeper walk with King Jesus, this devotional book aims to shape the hearts of youth leaders so that they, in turn, may shape the hearts of teenagers, turning them into lifetimes disciples of Jesus. The book champions teenagers who adore King Jesus in the power of the Spirit for the glory of God; parents who embrace their call to be the primary spiritual leaders to their children; teenagers who have heart connections with all the generations in the congregation; and churches that equip teenagers and then mobilize them to be the church today. (Available here.)

4. Christian Education on the Plains of Texas, by Jack D. Terry, Jr.

In 1915 on the plains of Texas, Southwestern Seminary established the Department of Religious Pedagogy, which became the first school of religious education anywhere in the world of academia. Founded specifically “to touch the lives not only of the special educational students who will come to study Sunday School work but also the lives of all the students who come to study here,” the school, over the next 100 years, developed into a crucial piece not only of Southwestern Seminary, but of the eternal Kingdom work that would be accomplished by its students.

This volume recounts the first 100 years of this school’s history, covering how the budding department ultimately developed into the Terry School of Church and Family Ministries, as it is known today. (Available here.)

5. In Praise of a God who Saves: 110 Stories of Everyday Evangelism, edited by Alex Sibley

Since Southwestern Seminary was founded in 1908, its students, faculty, and alumni have strived to proclaim the Gospel to the ends of the earth. This volume comprises 110 stories—one for each year since the seminary’s founding—of the Gospel going forth through the witness of these Southwesterners, with many of them seeing people come to saving faith in Jesus Christ. These stories will both encourage and convict readers in their evangelism, and above all, the stories will inspire them to praise our amazing God for being a God who saves. (Available here.)

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