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The Sufficiency of Scripture for Biblical Counseling

Ministering Scripture It has been my privilege to teach the principles of the sufficiency and superiority of Scripture in a variety of contexts at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas for over 20 years. During that time, Southwestern... Read More »

Biblical Counseling: Helping People Live According to Scripture

Some time back I was in a counseling relationship with a young couple experiencing extreme marital difficulties. They told me the story of how they came to know each other and how they pursued marriage, but all the days of their marriage had been filled with s... Read More »

What is Biblical Counseling?

In the midst of a therapeutic culture where counseling had become a formal, professional discipline (well actually many disciplines: psychiatry, psychology, social work, marriage and family counseling, etc.), Jay Adams is credited with “re-discovering” Bib... Read More »

A Strong Message to the Local Church – Cooperative Program

On February 22nd and 23rd of this year, the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee gathered in Nashville, Tennessee to discuss matters that affect the largest evangelical denomination in the United States. Southwestern Seminary sent eight student lead... Read More »

But I’M Not a Counselor … (Part 3)

Your friend comes to you for help. She says she is depressed and has no motivation and is very anxious. You know she has a commitment to Christ and she expresses a desire to follow Him. As you listen to the challenges she faces in her relationships with her fa... Read More »

But I’M Not a Counselor … (Part 1)

When most of us hear the word counselor we think of someone who has an advanced degree and who sits in an office providing a mysterious concoction of listening and help. Most Christians do not perceive themselves to be counselors. If you are a pastor you likel... Read More »

Complicated Salvations

Dry dusty roads led into the village. Worshipers gathered. As a missionary guest that day, I preached at that church. Lively music and dancing are typical of African worship. This day was no exception. It came time for an evangelistic invitation. A sub-chief w... Read More »

The Bible, the Preacher, and the Presenting Issue

The dust-up surrounding Andy Stanley’s sermon The Bible Told Me So and the related interview with Russell Moore at the ERLC national conference provides the preaching professor a great opportunity to think about the nature of the Word. And this blog is about... Read More »

The Root of Conflict Within our Marriages

Have you ever experienced the rather odd moment when you sit in a counseling session with a couple and ask, “What brought you here today?” After a slight pause, both of them, intentionally, stare at the other. Their glances assert a belief that the other p... Read More »

What Is Mental Illness?

Two years ago, at the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) national meeting in Houston, messengers adopted a resolution calling on all Southern Baptists, “to look for and create opportunities to love and minister to, and develop methods and resources to care fo... Read More »