Shedding Light on the Enduring Word

Southwestern’s Dead Sea Scroll fragments testify that “the Word of the Lord endures forever,” a truth that undergirds the seminary’s effort to train ministers who will faithfully preach God’s Word throughout the world. But these scroll fragments are ... Read More »

Why the Dead Sea Scrolls Matter

When a Bedouin shepherd discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls in the 1940s, few people immediately understood their importance. After taking the scrolls back to his camp, this shepherd left one of them on the ground to be torn apart by children, while one person rep... Read More »

In Defense of Radicalism

Editor’s Note: Benjamin Hawkins is a Ph.D. student in church history and historical theology at Southwestern Seminary. As with the religious radicals of sixteenth-century Europe, the religious radicals of the twenty-first century—it is said—disrupt t... Read More »

Southwestern’s latest journal probes ‘Authentic Christianity’

In the spring 2011 edition of the Southwestern Journal of Theology, titled “Authentic Christianity,” four young scholars and a preacher probe Scripture, history and the entertainment industry to discover the nature of genuine faith and radical disc... Read More »