Complicated Salvations

Dry dusty roads led into the village. Worshipers gathered. As a missionary guest that day, I preached at that church. Lively music and dancing are typical of African worship. This day was no exception. It came time for an evangelistic invitation. A sub-chief w... Read More »

Do Spirituality and Universal Moral Consciousness Point to God?

Arriving in Cameroon, West Africa, to teach at a Baptist seminary for six years beginning in 1976 was quite a journey. This was true physically because of the long travel, emotionally due to cultural adjustments, and spiritually because of an awakening as to h... Read More »

Transformation vs. Relevance (Romans 12:1-2)

Not only does God in Christ take people as they are: He takes them in order to transform them into what He wants them to be. Along with the indigenizing principle which makes his faith a place to feel at home, the Christian inherits the pilgrim principle, whic... Read More »

Imagine Global Islam

Travel with me for a moment in future time to late December 2099. The gavel comes down, and the 37th state of the United States legally votes to dissolve its state constitution and supplant it with a modified version of Sharia law. Minaret towers cry out aroun... Read More »

Spiritual Neurosurgery: Islamic Traditions, Discipling Converts, & Missionary Theological Education

“Jesus existed as God the Father, sir. Then He ceased being the Father and became God the Son. Finally, He ceased being God the Son and now in the world today He is God the Holy Spirit.” Innocently, a new disciple of my former student was trying to express... Read More »

Resident Aliens, Secret Church, and Witches in the Wardrobe

A witch, a lion, a wardrobe closet, or leaders of a nationwide network of secret churches throughout China? I walked through the back of a closet built into a wall in a remote rural Chinese farmhouse wondering which it would end up being—it certainly was not... Read More »

Frightened Faces and Mighty Fortresses: Mission in Violent Contexts

Faces, faces, and more urgent faces were lost and haunting. In 1988, El Salvador was suffering from a deadly, drastic civil war with FMLN communist guerrillas.... Read More »

Rain and Unknown Gods: Missive On Missionary Praying

Vultures sat atop carcasses of dead gods. Dry, dusty, and dangerous is May in Rajasthan, India. So even the divine Brahman cows gave up and died because temperatures soared to 128 degrees in the shade as students and I worked in villages near Sawai Madhopur. E... Read More »

In Season and Out: An Eye and An Ear for Evangelism

“Pol Pot is dead!” So the CNN report stated. On April 15, 1998 a mosquito executed that deadly evil despot responsible for the massacre of millions of Khmer. Malaria accomplished what courts, armies, and police could not, though the form of justice seemed ... Read More »

The Cacophony of Silence: Rising Global neo-Pentecostalism, World Christianity, and the Southern Baptist Convention

It had already been a long journey and I still had a long set of flights out of Nigeria routing back to the United States. During my visit to the Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary in Ogobomso, I met many fine folk. They are indeed doing a tremendous job of... Read More »