A Jolt From Jonah

The noteworthy theologian Darth Vader once said to a colleague, “I find your lack of faith disturbing.” When we turn to the Old Testament book of Jonah, we encounter a lack of faith that is devastatingly disturbing. We are jolted to discover that the lack ... Read More »

The Honor of Christ, the Horror of Hell, and the Essence of Humility: The Preaching Legacy of Isaac Watts

Isaac Watts (1674-1748) is known as the “father of English hymnody” and for good reason. The author of at least 750 hymns, Watts left behind a remarkable legacy of theologically accurate hymn texts that incite valid religious affections. “When I Survey t... Read More »

Taking the Text Test

Many of us are familiar with the advertising campaigns of various soft drink manufacturers that have involved a “taste test”. That is, the consumer is directed to taste one brand of drink, taste a second brand, and then compare the two in order to determin... Read More »

All I Want For Christmas is a Text-Driven Sermon

‘Tis the season when throngs of shoppers search for that perfect gift. Resources of time, energy and money are expended and extended in acquiring gifts that hopefully will convey the love of the giver behind the gift. Honestly, the whole process is alarmingl... Read More »

The Sheriff and Your Sermons: What Preachers Can Learn From Sheriff Andy Taylor

The recent death of Andy Griffith, that marvelous actor who portrayed down-home warmth as the gunless Sheriff Andy Taylor of Mayberry on the Andy Griffith Show, brings forth a flood of childhood memories of optimum television viewing. Those memories are revisi... Read More »

Clarity In Your Christmas Preaching

In my 28 years as a pastor, one of my most harrowing and challenging, yet exhilarating, assignments was that of preaching the message of Christmas. How does one even remotely begin to do justice to the mysterious wonder and glorious majesty of God becoming fle... Read More »