Teenagers: From Self-Absorbed to Self-Sacrificing

Researcher Tim Elmore has found young adults to be a narcissistic or me-centered generation. They have spurts when they want to change the world but have not grown up with strong enough commitments to sustain activity toward change. Youth ministry today shapes... Read More »

Top 10 Questions about Your Church’s Ministry with Teenagers

If I were a senior pastor I would print the following list of questions, and I would take it to staff meeting for discussion. I would expect discussion to involve everyone. For example, I would expect those in ministry with children to consider how 12 years in... Read More »

Consummation, Adultery, and Second Honeymoon

My Beloved created me for the display of His glory through a relationship with me. He created me in love, He redeemed me in love, and He pursued me in love. Because He first loved me, I loved Him. Our relationship was consummated. He “knew” me the same way... Read More »

A Challenge to the Remnant in the American Church

By the will of the Father and the power of the Spirit, the first love of the church today is to be focused on the Son. That first love is not to be some weak sentiment but a consuming love that propels the believer to make Christ supreme in all things.... Read More »

Spiritually Shallow Parents and the Reformation of Sunday School

Those of us leading parents back into primary spiritual leadership with their children have brought a secret out of the closet. Mom and dad may not be spiritually developed enough to lead their children, even if they are active church members. Spiritually, par... Read More »

Teenagers and Market-Driven Ministry

Three documents have crashed into each other on my computer. Their composite message is both troubling and hopeful.... Read More »

The Senior Pastor and Transformational Student Ministry

Pastor, you can decide to support youth ministry for one of two reasons. First, you can decide to support youth ministry because you ought to—in the same way you ought to support every ministry of the church. On the other hand, you can decide to support yout... Read More »

Teenagers, Behavior Modification, and the Heart

Sometimes a leader says, “When I hear what some of our church teenagers have been doing, it’s so frustrating. Why can’t they live consistently with their beliefs?”... Read More »

Guiding Teenagers to Love the Church

Just use your imagination. One of your teenagers has graduated and has just started his freshman year at college. It is the first Sunday morning. Asleep in the dorm, he hears his phone alarm go off at 7:00 am. Will he get up and find a new church or roll over ... Read More »

Who Spiritually Deepens the Adults who Lead Teenagers?

Even if you and I have never met, I know some things about you. You long to see teenagers love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength—and to love others as they love themselves. You long to see them value the glory of God above all things. You lo... Read More »