The Bible, the Preacher, and the Presenting Issue

The dust-up surrounding Andy Stanley’s sermon The Bible Told Me So and the related interview with Russell Moore at the ERLC national conference provides the preaching professor a great opportunity to think about the nature of the Word. And this blog is about... Read More »

The Royalty of Immediate Action

Abraham was considered a prince. However, he was not royalty. No blue blood, just the hot blood of a nomad coursing through his veins.  He was literally a professional wanderer, wandering at the call of God. When his wife Sarah died, he went to the land of th... Read More »

Connecting the Truth of Scripture to Cultural Issues

Almost every cultural issue that a pastor will face today involves gender roles. Whether abortion, pornography, sex trafficking, or the advance of the homosexual platform, every issue revolves around gender and God’s plan for marriage, and on these the Bibl... Read More »

The Colonization of the Call: An encouragement for those residing in their call

In a few moments students will fill MacGorman Chapel for the convocation of the fall semester. They represent many states, nations, churches and families. This is the sobering reality that makes me want to craft each word in class as an act of stewardship. The... Read More »

Shorter Stories II: Double Parables

How do you preach a double Parable? Jesus told as many short parables as he did long parables. For every Prodigal Son of Luke 15:11-32 (21 verses), there is a parable like the Unworthy Servant of Luke 17:7-10(4 verses), Trained Scribe of Matt. 13:51-52 (2 vers... Read More »

Shorter Stories: Preaching the Short Parables of Christ

Jesus had incredible structure to his sermons …  but only sometimes. Think of the Sermon on the Mount. Its introduction (eight beatitudes) is followed with six antitheses: Jesus fights the thesis that keeping a warped standard of righteousness was enough. I... Read More »

“Noah” Movie as Typical Sermon: How Darren Aronofsky Directs Movies Like We Preach Sermons

The movie “Noah” represents some profound acting and directing in one really strange movie. In so much as Darren Aronofsky is a director, he is typical of Hollywood: very gifted and a little bizarre. Oddly perhaps, as an exegete of Scripture, Arono... Read More »

The Old Testament’s perspective on Easter

This week, Prestonwood Baptist Church is releasing Easter Perspectives, daily video devotionals related to Easter. I was asked to give the perspective of the Old Testament on the Passion Week. You can watch the video here. The synopsis of the devotional is bel... Read More »

China and the Conservative Resurgence

Last Week, I returned from 10 days in China meeting some profound workers for the Gospel in some very difficult places. The whole experience reminds me of IHOP in 2004.... Read More »

Wholly Bible: Preaching Revelation

The book to end the Book is an incredible book. Some look at it as a road map through which they can navigate modern events. Therefore they go slow. They stop to gaze at the magnificent visions in Revelation, and as they gaze they wonder exactly why it is writ... Read More »