Do Not Neglect the Table: A Reminder to Parents

I remember wondering why I could not have the little piece of bread and the small cup of juice that my friend Noel was able to take. I did not question my parents on that Sunday morning, but later asked my mom and she explained that Noel had given his life to ... Read More »

Church Revitalization: Let’s Keep the Conversation Going

There is a conversation that is getting louder in Southern Baptist circles, and it is one that I am very excited about. The SBC website says we are a network of over 45,000 churches with nearly 16 million members, but the reality is that we have a great percen... Read More »

Pastoral Pitfalls: 5 Guidelines for Personal & Church Finances

Every semester when I talk to my students about the many pitfalls that ministers need to avoid, I ask them to name the most dangerous areas where a minister could make a catastrophic mistake. Inevitably the number one answer is some sort of sexual sin. As we c... Read More »

Stop, Drop, & Pray!

If you have walked in Christian circles for any amount of time at all, it has happened to you. An individual confides in you about a prayer need in his or her life and requests that you would pray for them. How do we respond? I’ve never heard anyone say, “... Read More »

Pastoral Pitfalls: 6 Guidelines for Relationships with Women

“Except for the grace of God . . .” These are the words that come to my heart and mind when I hear the story of a minister failing morally. The world seems to rejoice when this happens, while it is certain that the Christian world should grieve. The story ... Read More »

New 30% Discount on 36-Hour, Fully Online MTS

Why online education and why just 36 hours for the Master of Theological Studies (MTS)? Is a fully online Master of Divinity (MDiv) next? I have gotten these questions a lot over the past month.... Read More »

Why You Should Study Systematic Theology: Where Do I Start?

Where Do I Start? You obviously need to start with knowing the Scripture rather than reading what someone else has said about the Scripture. So first, you should read your Bible. I would also recommend purchasing the Bible on CD. I imported the ESV Bible into ... Read More »

We Should Study Systematic Theology for the Gospel (cont.)

Practical Application A proper study of Systematic Theology will also show you what matters most and what matters least. While we must seek to obey all doctrines of the Bible, I cannot cooperate with someone believing in works-based salvation or that Jesus was... Read More »

We Should Study Systematic Theology for the Gospel (cont.)

Theological Formulation We must defend the Gospel at all costs. Eternal destinies depend upon it. I want to discuss a couple of false teachings today that pervert the Gospel and leave people destined for a hopeless eternity. The first and perhaps most importan... Read More »

We Should Study Systematic Theology for the Gospel

The Gospel doesn’t need you. You need the Gospel. So don’t misunderstand me. We don’t study because the Gospel is weak. We study because we have been commanded to defend the Gospel. When presented in the power of the Holy Spirit, the Gospel is powerful. ... Read More »