Category: Apologetics

Climate change faces reality check

OK, so did anyone else read about the leaked copy of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s sixth assessment on climate change?... Read More »

Homosexuality and the Gospel: A Crucial Distinction

The Bible is perfectly clear both that the offer of the Gospel is nondiscriminating and that homosexuality is morally wrong. That is, our Gospel outreach should never be limited in its scope, but there are lifestyles and behaviors that are condemned, and an ac... Read More »

The Lost Virtue of Humility

Humility is very commonly thought of as a matter of self-deprecation. The thought seems to be that the more we put ourselves down, the more humble we are. This has led some philosophers throughout history to deny that humility is even a virtue but is instead m... Read More »

The End of School

On my desk sits a small relief of Rodin’s “Thinker”. We know the famous statue—the nude kneeling on his left leg in the contemplative pose—as the symbol of modern thinking and philosophy. The little statue came from a small gift shop in Paris on Rue ... Read More »

Contending with the (Alleged) Contradictions of Scripture

It is very common for someone to object to Christianity on the basis of the belief that there is a wide array of contradictions in the Bible. It is also very common that, if pressed, the person raising this objection cannot name a single contradiction. However... Read More »

Wrestling with the Hiddenness of God

It is sometimes asserted that God, if He exists, is not obvious. Some atheists will say that they would happily believe in God if (and really only if) God made Himself directly evident to them. The bold thought seems to be that it should be no problem for God,... Read More »

Wrestling with the Problem of Evil

There’s a lot of pain and suffering from which it seems no one is completely immune. It only takes a moment to think of the last heart wrenching tragedy to which the media-machine has forced our undivided attention. And for some of us, the pain and suffering... Read More »

The Value of Dealing with Doubt

When we come to matters of Christian faith, it is not uncommon for folks to have a doubt from time to time. The typical prescription for these doubts seems to be very similar to the prescription for the common cold. Wait it out, treat symptoms as best you can,... Read More »

Apologetics as devotional

Much of the discussion in apologetics over the last few decades has centered on the proper apologetic methodology. For example, one sort of presuppositionalist thinks that we should start with the assumption that Christianity is true and then, on the basis of ... Read More »

The Power of the Word

Yesterday a friend told me a story about a conversation he had on an airplane with a woman who is an insurance executive (IE). It went something like this: IE: I am a Lutheran. What are you? Friend: I am a Baptist.... Read More »