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Biblical Worship: Word-Infused and Spirit-Empowered

Corporate worship is one of the fundamental purposes and actions of the church. Unfortunately, that which should unite us together in praise of the triune God often serves as a wedge to divide the people of God across fault lines of age, socioeconomic status, ... Read More »

Integrity: An Essential Element In Worship

What, really, is worship? Most discussions focus on its meaning or the elements of a worship service. Certainly, these are important, yet Psalm 15 insists that there is something else involved. This psalm focuses on a significant but rarely discussed issue in ... Read More »

Patterson answers questions on his high school GPA, new Calvinism, and more

From his high school GPA to thoughts on New Calvinism, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary President Paige Patterson answered more than 80 questions related to theology, ministry, and personal history during a rapid-fire Q&A session, March 27.... Read More »

Before the “Wow!” You Must Experience the “Woe!”

During a chapel sermon on Feb. 18, Dr. David Allen preached on Isaiah’s vision of the Lord in Isaiah 6:1-13. As he explained Isaiah’s response to seeing the Lord, Allen noted that if you want the “wow” of worship and service you must fi... Read More »

Top 10 Questions about Your Church’s Ministry with Teenagers

If I were a senior pastor I would print the following list of questions, and I would take it to staff meeting for discussion. I would expect discussion to involve everyone. For example, I would expect those in ministry with children to consider how 12 years in... Read More »

The Rap on Rap

Recent furor over a panel discussion on rap at the NCFIC has ignited a controversy in the Christian cyber community. Tragedy is not lacking in some of what has been uttered. At the outset, I confess that I have neither the rhythm nor the quickness of mind to b... Read More »

A Challenge to the Remnant in the American Church

By the will of the Father and the power of the Spirit, the first love of the church today is to be focused on the Son. That first love is not to be some weak sentiment but a consuming love that propels the believer to make Christ supreme in all things.... Read More »

Christ Has Defeated Every Sin: Another Hymn Edited

There has been a good deal of discussion in recent weeks related to the Presbyterian Church (USA)’s preference to amend a line in the hymn “In Christ Alone” to avoid the language of penal substitutionary atonement.... Read More »

The Senior Pastor and Transformational Student Ministry

Pastor, you can decide to support youth ministry for one of two reasons. First, you can decide to support youth ministry because you ought to—in the same way you ought to support every ministry of the church. On the other hand, you can decide to support yout... Read More »

The Significance of Corporate Worship for the Great Commission

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared on The Artistic Theologian, the online theological journal of Southwestern Seminary’s School of Church Music. The Lord Jesus Christ gave the church its commission before he ascended to his Father:... Read More »